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Q: Can I buy a Festival pass for all films? What does the On Demand pass include?

A: It is not possible to buy LIVE stream films and On Demand films in one pass. The Festival offers only one pass, the “On Demand Pass”.

The “On Demand Pass” includes the films: Americanish, Coast to Coast: From Mumbai to the Mission, The Ants and The Grasshopper, The Tenant, Writing With Fire, and these films with viewing restrictions Pebbles – California viewers only, The Loyal Man – United States viewers only, and White Riot – United States viewers only.

LIVE stream films 7 Days and In Process With Nishtha Jain are not included in the On Demand Pass. They must be purchased separately.

Please be sure to check your SPAM folder for any orders.

Q: It’s not working. (i.e. general technical trouble)

A: Please make sure you are using a supported device and have read our How to Watch page. If your device is listed, please try refreshing the page.

Q: I can’t hear anything.

A: Make sure the volume is up on the video player, using the volume icon in the lower left corner. Make sure your computer speakers volume is also turned up.

Q: No video is playing for me.

A: Please make sure you are using a supported browser, and try refreshing the page.

Q: The video is stuck on loading.

A: Please make sure you are using a high speed internet connection and try refreshing the page.

Q: “The videos are not autoplaying, and I just see a black window with a play button.”

A: Please make sure you have allowed autoplay for this site. Here are instructions for SafariFirefox, and Edge.

Q: Why does video playback stall or not play smoothly? 

A: We use adaptive bitrate streaming which means the streaming quality will automatically adjust based on your internet speed. If your internet connection is poor or inconsistent you may experience problems during playback. If you’re on wifi, try moving closer to your router.

Q: I can’t cast to my Chromecast.

A: Make sure you’re using the cast button in the bottom right corner of the player. If the button isn’t there, make sure you’re on the same WiFi network as your Chromecast and refresh the page. You may need to restart your browser or your Chromecast device. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do to troubleshoot home networking issues.

Q: I keep getting a “refresh the page” error. [iOS/Airplay]

A: Please turn off Screen Mirroring if you are using Safari. You can only cast to Airplay using the cast button in the bottom right corner of the player.

Q: “I can’t cast to Airplay.” or “I only see a black window where the player is, but I can hear the sound.” [iOS/Airplay] 

A: Please turn off Screen Mirroring if you are using an iOS device. You can only cast using the cast button on the player. You likely have “Screen Mirroring” turned on in your device settings. Please turn off the screen mirroring setting and start AirPlay by selecting the AirPlay button in the bottom right-hand side of the player.

Screen Mirroring being on is a very common problem when working with DRM videos.

Q: Why do I see a black screen after the pre-roll if I am casting to Chromecast?

A: Some Chromecast versions cannot support transitions from one video to another. If this happens, turn off casting and re-start it once the film starts playing.

Q: The pre-show kept playing and the movie didn’t start at the scheduled showtime. [Chromecast]

A: Occasionally the Chromecast will lose the connection to the originating device/browser, and won’t receive the cue to start the movie. To resolve the issue, stop casting, refresh the web page and then start casting again.

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